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"Dr. Lagomichos and Dr. Pasciucco actually make going to the doctor fun! They are so sweet, patient, and quick to answer any questions/concerns. You are not just a number here, they truly care about their patients. I am on my second pregnancy with this practice. I could not recommend Dr. Lagomichos and Dr. Pasciucco anymore,…

Dr. Melanie Lagomichos & Dr. Alison Pasciucco Premier OBGYN

“My husband and I are fairly new to Texas and our experiences with healthcare professionals have been anything but positive, so I did not have high hopes for my appointment. But, when I first was walked back to my exam room up until I left I felt SO welcomed and actually cared for! My Dr…

Dr. Jose J. Lozano Primary Care Associates of Texas

“My wife and I transferred from a Family Care practice out of East Texas thinking they were the absolute best! Little did we know that Fort Worth would meet us with specialist that would set a new bar! Dr. Vattikuti took care of us granting knowledge and expertise for starts. Then to settle it all,…

Dr. Swapna Vattikuti Primary Care Associates of Texas