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We work for our clients to deliver the high-class consultation services and help you with any issues you may face in your business activity.

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Here you can find the most fresh and successful ideas for your business, get professional consultation of financial or law expert, share your experience with business community.

We were founded in 2004 to help businesses with personalized financial guidance. We provide objective, fee-based advice and asset management, with an aim to help you build a better financial future.


We maintain leadership positions in each of our core business segments: Advice & Wealth Management, Asset Management, and Protection and offer our powerful services to other businesses.

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We are highly skilled in finance, economics, taxation, government regulation, marketing and many other. We are able to analyze any activity and provide with the bulk of solutions how to decrease your expense, use hidden opportunities and what spheres are good for investment.


Meet our devoted and experienced team performing the best consulting, analytical and financial services for you.

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Our mission is to help you eliminate all the financial and juridical barriers and lead your business to prosperity within minimal period and expenses.

Dr. Melanie Lagomichos & Dr. Alison Pasciucco
Premier OBGYN

"Dr. Lagomichos and Dr. Pasciucco actually make going to the doctor fun! They are so sweet, patient, and quick to answer any questions/concerns. You are not just a number here, they truly care about their patients. I am on my second pregnancy with this practice. I could not recommend Dr. Lagomichos and Dr. Pasciucco anymore,…


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